Using Memcached with Java on Windows

Windows Memcached software is available on this page:

Download the Win32 binary zip file. Unzip the file (memcached.exe) in a directory of choice and then do the following to install memcached as a service.

c:/bin/memcached.exe  -d install

At this point the service is installed, it can started or stopped using the following commands

c:/bin/memcached.exe -d  start
c:/bin/memcached.exe -d  stop

By default, the memcached service has a limit of 64MB. If that is not enough, you can increase by tweaking the Windows Registry. Open the following entry.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Services/memcached Server

Locate the entry called ImagePath. To increase the limit to 128MB set the value to…

“c:/bin/memcached.exe” -d runservice -m 512

A good Java client for memcached is spymemcached. Download the jar file from here:

// Get a memcached client connected to the local server
MemcachedClient c = new MemcachedClient(AddrUtil.getAddresses(""));
// Store a value (async) for one hour
c.set("someKey", 3600, someObject);
// Retrieve a value (synchronously).
Object myObject= c.get("someKey");

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